About Bellacie Cosmetics™

Every woman wants to stand out from the rest, so for that reason, you should use something that will bring out the best in you. Here at Bellacie Cosmetics™, you will find the best makeup lines that will make you more beautiful. We are a brand of makeup lines that was founded in June 2017.

We offer a wide selection of makeup products and our main goal since our inception is to create an affordable and luxurious makeup brand that will give you all of the best for you. Bellacie is always committed to providing our clients with honest and efficient service and quality products. We guarantee to you that our products are cruelty-free and are manufactured in Canada.

Our product line is guaranteed complete. We have everything that you need to be at your best every day. Our products include lipsticks, blush on, brushes, eye shadows, eyebrow pencils and many more. For each category, we have more and more choices to choose from, no matter what your taste is when it comes to makeup products, rest assured that we have something nice to offer you.

Our pricing is also unbeatable as we do not think high quality products should be pricey. Instead, we make our products affordable while we make sure that we are always giving the best value for the hard-earned money of our customers. We even offer products with discounted prices seasonally, so be sure that you will not miss the opportunity to get luxurious makeup kits while you save more.

Our products are always made of carefully selected ingredients and materials as we want them to be safe and suitable for all skin types. So, even when you have sensitive skin, rest assured that our products won’t hurt your skin. If you have any questions in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.